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Gardening Interest Group
Gardening Interest Group
plant One of our members, Jenny Robson, has set up a gardening interest group beginning in the spring of 2017 open to anyone living in St Stephen’s, beginners or veteran gardeners.

The first event is a sunflower growing competition, we have 22 families participating in the Sunflower Competition and it was great to see so many adults and children at the 'Seed, Coffee and Cake' launch event. We have some growing instructions, (below). Remember you can plant your seeds in pots inside or just plant them straight in the ground. Nearer the closing date of Friday 25th August I will send e-mail reminders for you to provide height and bloom updates. We have two categories; Tallest sunflower and Dwarf sunflower (most blooms). The prizes are; Adult winner: (bottle of wine) and Child under the age of 16: (book token for £5).

How to enter: Please e-mail Jenny Robson with a photograph of your sunflower. In the e-mail please detail the height of the plant or the number of blooms. Entries can be received up to 5pm Friday 25th August 2017. Photographs of entries will be posted on the St Stephen’s Residents’ Association Face Book page. Please remember just to include the sunflower in the image (no adults or children to ensure privacy).

Growing Instructions: Giant Sunflowers and Dwarf Sunflowers
Sow the seeds outdoors where they are to flower 1.5cm deep (500 cm apart for giant sunflowers and 30cm apart for dwarf sunflowers) into soil that has been watered. Sow two seeds together. Seedlings will appear in 14-21 days. Water well and support as the plant grows.
Sow indoors in individual pots of compost. Water well and place on a window sill. Gradually accustom plants to outside conditions before planting out (500 cm apart for giant sunflowers and 30cm apart for dwarf sunflowers). Water well and support as the plant grows.

Look out for more details of another Gardening Interest Group event and possible ideas for the future, in the meantime if anyone has ideas for the group please let Jenny know. The intention is that we start small and build the group based on the interests of members. Beginner and veteran gardeners are welcome.

Here are some more images from our recent very successful Open Gardens Day:

open gardens day
Broad Oak Allotment & Garden Group
wheelbarrow For the gardeners in the area, there is already a Broad Oak Allotment and Garden Group, who meet at St Stephens Social Club.
They are a friendly group with one thing in common, growing your own in Allotment, Home Garden, Patio or balcony. Most of all it's a great time to socialise, get to know others, make new friends, your neighbouring plot holders, or local community. After a bit of advice from other Gardeners ? They meet up on the last Friday of every month and it’s free.
They have a Facebook page which you can see : here.